Reasons to Refer a Student

  • Excessive class absences
  • Sleeping in class
  • Noticeable decline in academic performance
  • Change in appearance (e.g., significant weight loss) or and/or decline in hygiene)
  • Inappropriate or extreme changes in mood (e.g., excessive tearfulness)

You may also refer the following concerns to the Case Management Team 
(Care/Concern referral process): 

  • Evidence of intoxication (e.g., odor, slurred speech, uncoordinated gait)
  • Evidence of potential harm to self (e.g., cuts, burns)
  • Evidence of threats to self (e.g., writings, verbalizations)
  • Evidence of threats to others (e.g., writings, verbalizations)
  • Signs of violence toward self or others

See the Quick Referral Guide for more guidance.