How to Refer a Student

Make telephone/voicemail contact with the chair of the Early Intervention Team at 828-262-7077. Students may also make referrals through a faculty or staff member.

Please do not leave the name of the student or other information on the voicemail; simply leave a message with your name, telephone number, and when you may be reached.

Upon receiving the referral, the team's chairperson will contact you by phone to gather information about your concerns.

View the sample telephone referral form (pdf 48K). This form is included for informational purposes only; please do not fill it out.

Please note that a referred student may request to learn the identity of the person making this referral, so while such information will be handled with sensitivity and while concerns expressed about a student will be treated confidentially consistent with federal law, making a referral is not a completely confidential process. Anonymous referrals will not be accepted.

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to meet with the Early Intervention Team to further express their concern and discuss possible approaches, if they should wish to do so. Once a referral has been taken under advisement, however, follow-up information will not be given, although the Early Intervention Team encourages further expressions of concern about the same student should the concern continue.

For emergency situations, please contact either the Counseling Center or the University Police. If you, or other community members, feel threatened, please contact the University Police immediately.