COVID-19 VIRUS UPDATE:For Students that have been referred and may have a hold: While we are restricted from meeting with students face to face at this time, we will be holding these required meetings via Zoom”. Please email appointmentseit@appstate.edu to provide your availability. Please provide several dates and times you will be able to meet so we can match that up with team member availability.
For Faculty that would like to refer a student: We will be monitoring the referralseit@appstate.edu email and we are in communication with the Dean of Students office and the Counseling Center as necessary.  Please email with the student’s name and email address along with your concerns regarding the student of concern.  Thank you!  We realize that attendance will be difficult to track but if you see anything of concern about a student’s lack of participation, etc. we will sift through the information we have received to see how we can best support the students in our changing culture.

The Early Intervention Team is a faculty and staff-led entity, with consultation from Counseling and Psychological Services, the Student Wellness Center, the Institute for Health and Human Services , the Student Learning Center, the University College Academic Advising and Orientation Center and a number of other units and campus personnel.  The team’s main function is to meet with students who are showing signs of difficulty with university life and who have been referred by faculty or staff.  Students may make referrals through a faculty member. The meetings with referred students are non-disciplinary and are intended to offer support and connect students with resources that can assist them to become healthier and more productive members of the community.  

The Early Intervention Team is not intended to substitute for faculty and staff conversations with students or to take the place of referrals to the Counseling Center. Rather, when relevant, it is hoped that faculty and staff, contacting the Early Intervention Team will simultaneously encourage students to visit the Counseling Center or that the Early Intervention Team will be used as an additional resource. 

This program is supported by the Office of Academic Affairs, University College, and the Division of Student Development.