Info for Students That Have Been Referred

We are a faculty- and staff-led team that assists students when they are experiences challenges in classes, residence halls, off-campus apartments, or in any number of other instances where events are impeding their ability to be successful.  We provide assistance to get you through these challenging situations.

If you are a student that has been referred, you have been sent one, or two, emails with the heading Correspondence from the Early Intervention Team.  We send one letter with information about the Early Intervention Team and who we are.  In that letter we have provided you with information on how to schedule a meeting with the team.  If you did not respond to that email within 48 hours, you were sent an additional email with the same heading.  In this second email we have indicated that we have placed a hold on your grades and registration along with the information on how to schedule your appointment.  

If you have been referred, please email or call 828-262-7065 to schedule.  In both cases, you will need to be able to provide dates and times you will be available to meet with the Team.  You will not be able to schedule a meeting on the day you contact us since we will be scheduling two team members to meet with you so your availability is our first step in getting you scheduled.